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BBQ Natural Bamboo Sticks

BBQ Natural Bamboo Sticks

  • Environmentally friendly 100% natural bamboo skewers. 4MM diameter (0.16") thick additional strength, 6"/8"/10"/12"/14"/16" for you to choose more sizes to easily handle heavier food and roasted marshmallows.
  • High-quality food grade, each bamboo string is carefully selected, clean, no cracks and no debris.
  • Suitable for barbecue, fruit, barbecue, barbecue, chocolate fountain, party sticks.
  • Biodegradable and safe environmentally friendly 100% natural bamboo charcoal grill. Enjoy the outdoor activities and your time by the campfire with a barbecue stick. Make a great barbecue or rotisserie, and when you cook, just throw them on the fire. No need to clean.
  • Provide 100% bamboo skewers guarantee: we love our barbecue sticks and are proud of it. We provide a 100% 90-day guarantee for this.

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